Monday, April 27, 2009

Healthy as a Horse!

Ian had his 2 year well visit today and with the exception of rampant eczema on his legs and a few spots on his belly, he's a "perfect boy!"

He is:
26.5 pounds (45th percentile)
35 inches tall (50th percentile)
49.5 cm head circumference (75th) <--Doc said, "has a lot of brains in there!"

Fully vaccinated except needs to get his last Hep A shot, but they were out today so he'll get it when Aaron goes back in 3 months.

His ear tubes look "beautiful" and his mental/emotional/social development is on-target. (Physical development is way ahead of the "norm.") The doc was impressed with Ian's rendition of the Blue's Clues songs (words & motions/dancing) and laughed out loud when Ian said, "bye, love you, see you later!"

He does not have another well visit until he is THREE!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for a good report!

    So cute that he said "Love you" to the doctor! Hahaha ;)