Monday, April 20, 2009

Had new Tubes Put in Today

We were really worried about Ian's 1:30pm arrival time today for his ear surgery. He wasn't allowed any solids after 12am and only clear fluids until 11:30am. (Then nothing.) For those of you who really know Ian, you know he LOVES to eat. He eats pretty much all day long every day. And I don't think he's ever missed his morning and naptime cup of milk. Plus 1:30 is prime nap time so we were just very fearful that today was going to be a disaster.

In true Ian form, he put on his game face and was an angel.

He did fine. No MAJOR meltdowns. We left here around 10 and drove over to near the surgery center & went to the mall (Ross Park). They have a nice play area & he played for like 45 min before starting to notice all the other kids'sippys & stuff. We promptly loaded him up and took him to build a bear, where he ran around & looked at everything, but asked to go without making one! (I was fully prepared to let him.)

We got to the center about a half hour early and then Ian had to WAIT forever in their holding pen (aka play area). He was pretty good despite being SO hungry & thirsty, and missing his nap.

He went back at 3:05 and they came to take me to him in recovery at 3:25. He was up and started crying because he was so happy I was coming to get him. He hoovered 8 oz of gatorade in recovery, they discharged us, and he cried again when he saw daddy.

We ate at Olive Garden (Ian ate a LOT of his side of spaghetti) and drank his we're worse for the wear. Tired & glad it is over...

Funny Ian-ism: He insisted (by screaming and yelling) that we remove his shirt so he could eat his spaghetti. We almost always take his shirt off for spaghetti at home so he doesn't get it all messed up... I never dreamed he would start insisting we do that at restaurants! What a funny boy!

now to start preparing our hearts and minds for Aaron's much more invasive & difficult surgery in 3 weeks.

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  1. i'm so glad it went well. that's awesome.

    and, holy crap about the spaghetti. LOL!