Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aaron's First time in Cloth & Little Sis Photo

I guess I should not say first time because there were some times as an infant that Aaron was in cloth diapers. Anyway. Here's Aaron... in his Bumkins All-in-One diapers. I bought these probably 2 years ago now... and they've been in the closet just waiting.  Perhaps somehow I just knew I would eventually go for it? Sorry to be posting so much about cloth diapers, but I'm really trying to immerse myself & get really excited about it so I don't give up.

Right now it is a little like starting out breastfeeding: I know the benefits, I'm excited about doing it, but it is hard (for me) to get going. In a few weeks, I'll probably look back and say, "hey, this is alright!"

Of course now I'll just mention since I know you're curious... no, I didn't ever do bottles because I thought it was easier, but I definitely thought about giving up on nursing Ian.  The first 4 weeks of breastfeeding Ian were awful. I stuck it out & I'm glad I did! Now I'm nursing my third baby!

Anyway, that was a huge tangent I just went on...

Here are the pics.

LMV sleeping on the changing table (through a diaper change)

Other things we're up to?

1. All 3 kids have snotty faucet-noses. (Nasty!)
2. I'm thinking about the Apple tarte I'm making tomorrow morning.
3. I'm making Challah right now for french toast tomorrow.
4. Missing Roger & wishing he was on vacation today.
5. Thinking about Aaron's ENT appointment scheduled for 12/14.
6. Trying a new thing where we only buy meat once a month...and really take advantage of our freezer space.
7. Going to Grandma & Grandpa Bishop's for Thanksgiving dinner.
8. Thankful for a great many things this year.

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