Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Litte Discombobulated

Ian has had a busy week. ( 2-3 weeks) Mommy & Daddy have decided it's time to move closer to daddy's work so that we can see him more! (reduce the commuting time by an hour & 20 min every day.)

We've been preparing the house to go on the market, which means some changes for Ian.

Many of you may remember his bedroom, the "Americana" theme that we selected just for him and lovingly prepared before his birth. Well, it is being destroyed as I type. Our realtor recommended (as we were expecting) we "neutralize" it by painting it a plain color.

Yes, we knew this day would come, but we're still sad that we had to do it.

No worries, though, I saved some of the border to frame and hang as a decoration/memory.

Ian has felt the pressure a bit, I think, and has been having some difficult nights, but we're trying to keep things as "normal" as possible for him. We're anxious to get this house sold and move to a new place so that we can get back to "normal" and start making our nest somewhere else. Please pray for a quick and easy process.

Ian is also preparing to hold vigil at home on Tuesday, January 13, while Grandma Joanne goes in to UPMC Presbyterian for a double valve replacement & double bypass surgery. Brother Aaron will have to keep mommy and grandpa company at the hospital, but Ian gets to stay home and spend the whole day with daddy! We'd appreciate prayers for grandma as well.

Until next time, enjoy this beautiful, blessed winter we're having!

Bye Bye Room


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  1. What area are you planning to move to? We are also planning on moving soon to be closer to Luke's work. He has a rough commute too, not as bad as Roger's though.