Sunday, December 7, 2008

Doing "Christmassy" things

Yesterday we took the boys to the aviary to see Santa. Ian was satisfied with just SEEING him, so, we didn't really get a good picture. I think he told Santa that he wanted a train table, but Santa told him he'd have to wait until his birthday... ;-) So he asked for 2T sized pajamas and baby gap denim overalls to wear and balls to play with.

Ian and Daddy fed the lorakeets yesterday, for the first time ever, and Ian thought it was great! He LOVED the aviary! Good thing our Buffalo Zoo membership gets us in for free!

Sleeping at night has been going great. Napping is more of a challenge, especially when daddy is home, but he's getting it.

We put up the tree last night and Ian loves it. He even successfully helped put some ornaments on the tree.

He also likes his Little People Nativity set.

We're anxiously awaiting Christmas this year. It's the first one we've spent "at home" in many years! We can't wait to hang stockings and put out cookies and milk...and see what the big guy leaves for us!

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