Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ian Loves the Pool!

I'm not at all surprised... his parents are fish too! This summer, Ian has taken to swimming as if it was his job. He just LOVES it! The baby pool on the patio works in a pinch, but his true love is bopping around the toddler pool at Monroeville Community pool, where we recently (a couple hours ago) became members! I'm so excited! Now when Ian gets crazy on me and its too hot outside to go to the playground, I can take him to the pool for a little while! I won't feel bad because we aren't paying-as-we-go, which is $5 a time. So if we only stay a 1/2 hour, who cares!?!?

I'll try to get some pictures tonight when we go to family swim... which is another bonus... the MCP is open until 7, so Roger can use it too! (and he can do lap swim m-w-f from 7-7:45pm.


Oh, and thankfully Ian inherited Roger's skin... he's brown as a bear already! (and his hair is blonde!) While his mama tries to keep from getting crispy-fried in 5 minutes...

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