Tuesday, June 3, 2008

He's SO active!

Ian just never stops! Today, I don't think he sat down for more than a moment all day. He was running around playing with toys, climbing on things, and EATING. He seems to have as much of an appetite as I do these days!

Today he was climbing on the Kangaroo Climber that Aunt Emily loaned him and he was climbing on the side (which I'd already been scolding him for a couple of times). He looked at me and said, "Good Ideeda" to which I responded, "No, NOT a good idea."

He's so smart. He's so active. He's JUST like his dad!

As I posted on the other blog--in about a month we'll know if Ian will be a big brother to a brother or to a sister... I can't believe that time has come already. It is going so quickly.

Words I have heard Ian say:


And, although it isn't really a word, Ian has learned to communicate his desire for food by saying (loudly) NA NA NA NA NA or NIN NIN NIN NIN

Another new trick of Ian's, which we think is hilarious, but some might find offensive: When one of us says, "Oh No You Didn't" he puts his pointer finger in the air and waves it around! Please don't scald us for teaching him that!

Hmm, I think that's about all for the Ian update. It's bedtime. Nite nite!

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  1. Ian is adorable. You need to post a video of him doing that finger waving trick.

    In response to your comment: That's the funny part, I thought that by the time we started talking about being effaced that the doc would mention dilation but he hasn't yet. I thought about you the other day cause I was feeling some pressure on my tail bone. I was thinking "noooooo! I don't wanna broken tail bone like Susan!" Lol! Oh, and I'm definitely not tired of you, I can use all the advice you can give me right now. I never answered your other question... yes, I am going to breastfeed.