Friday, March 4, 2011

My kids are pretty cool

I do complain about them a lot and I should be more careful about that. In the grand scheme of things, I have great kids. They are (mostly) well behaved, kind, loving, and very smart.

I guess it is just hard to be grateful for such good kids when they still know how to push my buttons and I'm operating on very little sleep.

But I'm trying.

I'm trying really hard to be smitten with my children even when my almost-four year old refuses to nap and the heaps on the I'm-so-tired-I-can't-see-straight attitude.

I'm trying to enjoy my seven month old even when she screams like a banshee to be picked up every fourteen seconds while I'm trying to cook dinner. And when she pulls those fine little hairs on the back of my neck.

I'm trying to be thankful even when my 2 year old throws himself to the floor in protest when it is time to leave the train table at the book store.

My kids really are wonderful. They don't run too far down the path in front of me. They don't get into things they shouldn't *very often. They can (and do) play by themselves. They do as told in stressful situations. They roll with the punches when we run out of chocolate syrup. I have it pretty easy, really. And I know that.

Sometimes I need to blog it to remind myself how nice our little (big?) family really is!

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