Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aaron's 2 Year Stats

Aaron had his well visit this morning.  He got his final 2 "baby" vaccinations that he'd missed previously because he was sick and/or I didn't want him to have more than 1 vax at a time.  No more vax until he's 5 (except for the flu)!! Yay! That's become something I look forward to...reaching the point in childhood where they don't have to get shots every 2 months or whatever.  Although it is hard to believe that Ian won't go back for another well visit until April! (And Aaron won't have another one until next October!)

They didn't tell me his percentiles today so I had to plug them into a calculator on the Internet just now so here we go:

At 24 months:your child is 25 pounds, and that is at the 14th percentile for weight.
your child is 32.75 inches, and that is at the 10th percentile for height.
your child has a head circumference of 18.9 inches, and that is at the 30th percentile for head circumference.

So thinking back a bit, at 18 months old, Aaron was no longer on the percentiles chart for weight.  You may be thinking... why is Aaron gaining weight a good thing? It's a good thing because he was so sick through is first 18 months that he wasn't gaining anything.  He was not able to intake enough calories to both gain weight/grow and fight off the sickies.  So the fact that Aaron is now gaining weight and back on the weight chart means his asthma and allergies are being managed well enough for him to put on some pounds.  That is really good. He's still teeny, but he's doing better.

Aaron now has a very healthy height/weight/head circumference ratio and that is super!

Aaron's vocabulary is incredible.  He knows almost as many words as Ian does.  (Which is why I'm not even going to try to put them all down.  He speaks in full sentences (even if the words are all "out of order.") and we can understand him 80-90% of the time.  His fine and gross motor skills are excellent.  He's eating well and playing well.

He wears 18 months size clothes...and mostly hand-me-downs from Ian. It is really so nice for me to "relive" a lot of the outfits I really loved on Ian now that Aaron can wear them.

Aaron is a sweetheart with a stubborn streak, by far the laid back one of the 2 boys.

I think that's about it about Aaron for today...

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