Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Videos

We've had a nice day! We took a whole bunch of short videos of the boys this morning. These are just a few. Let me know if I need to add captions. Make sure you stick around at the end of Aaron's first look at the tree to see his "happy dance!" Also, Isn't Ian getting articulate? We are loving his communication improvements, but we're also learning some new patience as Ian has hit the "WHY?" stage.

Funny stuff.


  1. i love how into the fruit they are! that is a good tip, i will have to remember it ;-) we put funny stuff in our families stockings too, like pine cones and old toys from the past that turn up just for a laugh :) The kids are so cute!! looks like a wonderful christmas morning!

  2. My mom always put fruit in our stockings... like a great big shiny apple, an orange, a pear... we always loved it as kids too. My parents always put "weird" stuff in the stockings like a toothbrush, money for penny candies, new soaps, etc.