Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preschool was a HIT!

Ian literally RAN into the building this morning. He was so excited. When his teacher opened up the door, he dropped his backpack in the hallway and went running in the door. This time, I decided (after reading a bunch of "tips for successful first days" websites) that I was not going to sneak out. I went over, gave Ian a kiss, told him I'd be back in a little bit and left.

While I was in the next room over dropping Aaron off, I could hear Ian crying. (It started after about 5 min) and then I heard him STOP crying! So I left and came home. It is only about a 3 min drive from our house, we could literally WALK there if we wanted to (except for the huge hill, but I COULD walk there... and I have walked there. Maybe I SHOULD walk there to get some exercise... ha ha)

I sat here for 2 hours and twiddled my thumbs. Ran the vacuum, got the house ready for the realtor to come back and take pictures. Went back to pick the boys up and as I was walking in, Ian was getting his diaper changed. His teacher pulled me aside to talk to me about Ian. She said he cried for about 4 minutes and stopped as soon as she got him set up with a coloring book and crayons. She said he never even fussed for another second after the initial fussing stopped.

Apparently he was very social and made friends out of all the kids... during story time they were all sitting in the circle and talking about what kinds of clothes all the kids were wearing. Miss JoJo said Ian stood up and pointed at his shirt, "LOOK! I have LIGHTNING MCQUEEN!" and was very proud and excited about it. Hee heeeee.

They painted and had snack and then it was time for me to come back.

He was really happy to see me and went right over and got his bag, went and gave his teacher a hug and high five and then pointed at the door and said, "Aaron!"

We went and got Aaron and neither boy wanted to leave! I had to drag them out of there! It was really kindof cute.

And a MAJOR weight off of my shoulders.

Aaron's teacher said he was such a joy to have in the nursery. She was asking me to verify that he was "really only 10 months old!" and that she was very impressed with how smart he is. She said he was more than capable of "running with the big dogs." (Since the nursery goes up to age 23 months, there were some older boys in there with him.)

Ian's teacher actually recommended we leave him from 9:00-1:00 instead of 9:30-11:30 so that he gets to experience the full schedule of activities and gets to have lunch with the kids. She also said that if we don't do the longer span of time, we should definitely consider adding a second day per week. (We'd like to, but our finances do not really allow it right now.)

All in all, both boys had a great morning at school and got good reviews from their teachers.

God Answers Prayers. I'm so happy today.

***By the way, do you like the slideshow format for the pictures so you can see more of them, or would you rather me post fewer pictures the way I usually do?****

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  1. I like getting to see more photos but I think the slide show makes them too small