Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Spiked the Bug Juice?

Yesterday, Ian, Aaron, & I hopped over to Munhall, PA (Should only be about 20 min to get there, but because of all the stupid construction-induced traffic jams it took us 45 min) for a playdate. We met the host & other attendees through our 30 Somethings Moms of Pittsburgh group. They were gracious enough to let me in the group even though I'm 27. And you better believe they DID ask how old I was! Anyway, it was "Beach" themed playdate and there was a lot of water splashing and sand. So you can be sure that Ian had a great time. This kid was MADE for summer play. He LOVES getting wet and playing in water more than anything else. I think the past week I've been changing his clothes about 4 times per day.

ANYWAY... All this to introduce the following picture, "Who Spiked the Bug Juice?"

A new picture of Aaron will be over on, too.

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