Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Steps!

Ian has taken a hiatus from practicing walking in order to sprout 2 new teeth on the bottom. Now that the teeth are taken care of, he's back in action!

Today he has done the following:

Taken 2 steps between the exersaucer and ballblaster
Taken 7 steps toward me
Taken 6 steps toward me
Taken numerous 2 and 3 step trips toward me

It is pretty incredible watching a baby learn to walk. He knows how to do it, but he can't get it right most of the time so he seems to get pretty pumped up when he DOES do it! I can't wait until he is REALLY going to town so that we can play outside so much easier. The playground is going to be MUCH more fun with a walker!

We are also now under a week until Ian's 1st birthday. It is so hard to believe. I'm desperately trying to collect my thoughts!

Our 5th Anniversary is Saturday and Roger has something planned... it better be good! :-)

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