Monday, March 24, 2008

Egg Hunt, Easter Basket, Sick Baby

Since I last sent you an update, we had a very sick little boy! Wednesday did NOT go well, and Wednesday night was horrible. I think I slept for about 2 hours total and Roger got about 5 hours…Ian probably slept for about 5 too. Thursday morning, we took Ian’s temp. first thing and found that it was back up over 104 and we immediately called the doctor. They sent us down to Children’s hospital for testing, etc. We spent the morning there and left with the diagnosis of “sinus infection” and a prescription for antibiotics. Ian spent most of Thursday VERY grumpy. His nose was so stuffy that he couldn’t nurse. When he would finally fall asleep his snoring was SO loud that he would wake himself up.

He was all the way up to 104.8 on Thursday night/Friday morning. We put him in the tepid bath at that time, and kept him on the 3 hour alternating tylenol-motrin piggyback (as his doctor suggested) and kept trying to get him comfortable enough to sleep. His nose was SO stuffy that he could NOT breathe through it at all and had to sleep upright...which meant that one of us had to HOLD him in the chair while he slept. So we didn’t sleep much at all tuesday night-friday night. Friday night Roger and I alternated who held him and who got to sleep… Roger took the first shift and I slept until Ian started fussing, then I took over and when I opened my eyes the next time it was light out.

Saturday he had one fever temp (102.8) in the morning and then sometime on saturday the fever just "went away" and he hasn't had one since!

Last night he FINALLY slept in his crib for most of the night--until 4am, when I was too tired to get him all the way back to sleep before putting him down and just brought him into our bed so he would fall asleep while we slept. He has been sleeping SO much better! His nose is also starting to clear.

He HATES augmentin. They didn't flavor it at all at the pharmacy this time and so it is like swallowing chalk. (I tasted it...I always taste it) He also has diarrhea from the ordeal and is getting diaper rash. I am trying to stay ahead of the rash but the poos are "sneaky" and I have been missing them!

Anyway, overall, it has been 8 days since this all began, and I'm so thankful that it seems to be ending now.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and thoughts!!


Susan (Roger & Ian)

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  1. oh, susan! that is the WORST! orison used to get these recurring infections that required a pretty strong antibiotic, and thus days of diarrhea would follow. like it's not enough to be dealing with the sickness itself, you need some diarrhea and diaper rash thrown in for good measure. :-) hang in there, i'm so glad the end is (hopefully) in sight. and yes, you can send the girl scout cookies my way any day!!! you are the BEST!!! i'll send you a check.