Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ian's First Cereal

Well, after Ian decided to grab my spoon and shove mint chocolate chip ice cream in his mouth (AAAAAHHHHH!) and the OK from the doctor, we let Ian have some rice cereal. He liked it and gobbled it down!

and a youtube video :)


  1. awww, what a cutie ian is!

    hi susan, came by to let you know that i've been partnered with you in the beautiful papers' swap :)'s my email addy so we can touch base, exchange info, mailing addies, etc: .

    your swap partner,
    mary ann

  2. hi again susan,

    i saw from danielle's blog that you wrote that you emailed me...but i don't see an email from you & i check my email 1-2x/day...don't know why, but try this other email, it's my business one: ... i hope that works?

    mary ann, your beautiful papers swap partner :)