Thursday, March 22, 2007

37 weeks 3 days

Our internet was broken for most of the day...

Not much has changed at the doctor's appointment today since last week...

BP: 120/80
Fetal HR: 143
Belly Measures: 37cm
Weight: +1lb
Still 1cm and 50% effaced, but baby has moved another cm down into the pelvis... NO WONDER I CAN'T WALK!!

Dr. Said we're definitely on the way, but it could still be awhile before things really get moving... And she rolled her eyes when I told her what the other doctor said 2 weeks ago about the "larger than average" baby... She said, "There is absolutely NO reason to think that..."

Found out that I am Group B Strep positive, which just means I'll be hooked up to IV antibiotics once I get to the hospital... not really a big deal, just that you're not allowed to move around with an IV at Magee, so I'll have to stay in bed once I'm there...

So we're in good shape still... but I'm still going to start doing jumping jacks, riding down bumpy roads, eating pineapple, etc. Ha ha ha. Being that it is so hard to move around, I'm feeling like a beached whale... at least after the baby's here I'll be tired, but actually able to move a little bit easier... I'm not used to this enormous belly... I swear that I haven't been so skinny in my legs and butt and shoulders in a LONG time, but my belly is just so huge.

Oh well... small price to pay... for a little while longer!

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  1. I'm coming!!!!! I get in on Fri. morning and will be up by gville for the weekend and hopefully see you sometime during the week? let me know what works for you and i'll keep in touch with how you're feeling and what the baby's plans are!